Pyramid Backgammon is a gammon game of patterns that can be won in two ways:

1. Win the game as in normal backgammon, either with the doubling cube, or by bearing off all your checkers before your opponent. (At the 2004 Midwest Championships, all matches were played to 2 points, but matches can be to any length depending on time.)

2. Be the first to build a "pyramid pattern" (with distribution 1-2-3-2-1 as shown below) on the playing field (not including the bar) anywhere at any time. If the pyramid is constructed after playing the number on one die, the other die is ignored.

(Two examples of winning 1-2-3-2-1 pyramid patterns.)


The quickest way to build a pyramid from the opening position would be double aces (played 8/7, 8/7, 6/5, 6/5) followed by any 9 (played 13/4).

(From the opening position, Black rolls 1-1, White rolls 6-3, Black rolls 5-4 and wins.)


Pyramid Backgammon is truly a game of position. For example, it seems unwise to escape both of your back men early, for this would allow your opponent complete freedom to construct his pyramid.

Now test yourself with a sample problem:


Scroll down for answer . . .








(The play that builds a winning pyramid from the 8-point to the 4-point is 15/5, 9/4*, 6/1*)