Chicago Bar Point Backgammon Club

Est. 1983, we are the best-attended backgammon club in America.
Playing Tuesdays

Tilted Kilt logo

7070 Carpenter Road
Skokie, Illinois
(Adjacent to Village Crossing MovieTheatres)
Info on Tilted Kilt Skokie HERE.

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Ken Bond

Condolences to the family of Ken Bond who passed away on Sunday, January 8. He was 79.

First-Timers Play FREE On Tuesdays

Anyone who has never played at a Bar Point Club
backgammon tournament and lives within a 30 mile
radius of the club will receive a FREE ENTRY into
the tournament with a chance to share in the prizes.

Arrive as late as 6:30 pm to enter. Click for details.


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Chicagoland All-Time Standings 1974-2016 (Excel download)


Compiled through 10 January 2017

1st–6th play on Challenge Cup. 1st–10th earn solid silver dollar mementos.

1 Herb Roman 2.72
2 Alex Owen 1.92
3 Larry Goldstein 1.28
4 Tak Morioka 1.20
5 Mike Sutton 1.20
6 David Rockwell 0.88
7 Serge Bondar 0.88
8 Shawn Spurlin 0.64
9 Christopher Shanava 0.56
10 David Stein 0.56
11 Wayne Wiest 0.40

December Player of the Month: AMY TRUDEAU–3.52 points
2–Herb Roman (2.88), 3–Adrian Rios (2.56)

BAR POINT CLUB AMALGAMATION: We have just found out that Lindsay Mattig was jumped on December 29 defending her friend from a gang of girls in Chicago. Her father Carter Mattig has set up a "Go Fund Me" page to help with the medical bills. Check it out HERE… Condolences on the passing of Ken Bond. Ken was a generous man with a kind disposition. He stands #11 on the BPC all-time list and scored points in every BPC season 1983-2016. He will be missed… Steve Klesker recently conducted a retirement interview with us. Listen to it HERE… The Chicagoland All-Time Master Point list (1974–2016) is updated and available for download HEREDavid Rockwell is the BPC 2016 Player of the Year. David was honored on Awards Night January 3. Bill Davis was also honored as he retired from 40 years of directing backgammon tournaments in Chicagoland… Amy Trudeau has officially assumed director duties of the Chicago Bar Point Club. Amy has returned to the one tournament format with a $10 entry fee and two side pools ($10, $20). The early Masters event has been cancelled in favor of one tournament for all: the Open that begins at 6:00pm. Entries close at 6:30pm… We are immensely greatful to Barbara Levinson for her incredible balloon displaying honoring our retirement. The large "BILL" letters event flashed small lights! Remember "Barbara's Balloons" for your next party!… Great to see a lot of "old-timers" attending the Awards Night/Retirement Party including Yamin Yamin, Phil Martorelli, Jim Opre, and Richard Stawowy. We also welcomed new player Shawn Spurlin who placed 2nd Consolation… Victoria filled in for Trisha as our Tilted Kilt server. Trisha is partying in the Bahamas… Georgina Flanagan visited the club 27 Dec. to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Georgina told us about her marriage in the fall… Off to England for the holidays: Bob Steen. Bob will be moving permanently to England in January… Looks like Steve Klesker won't be joining us that much in 2017. He's taken a new job that involves lots of travel… Get a partner now for our annual Super Bowl Eve BPC Doubles trophy event Saturday, Feb. 4 at noon at the Tilted Kilt.


NOTE: Tilted Kilt is a popular establishment. A scheduled party could occasionally shift our game from Tuesday to Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday night. Always check this website before attending.

Open Tourney: $20 entry fee* with optional $10 & $20 side pools. 32-player limit.
Drawing for byes at 6:00pm. Arrive as late as 6:30pm to enter.
Two matches guaranteed. Main Flight—5 & 7 point matches. Consolation—5 point matches.

*Entry fee includes a non-transferable $10 food and/or drink credit.

For more information, contact Amy Trudeau by email, or call 773/218-9555.


Tuesday, 3 January: Awards Night and final BPC meeting, Tilted Kilt Skokie • 6:00pm
Saturday, 4 February (Super Bowl Saturday): BPC Doubles Club Championship, Tilted Kilt Skokie • 12:00pm

Bimonthly Open: $50 entry fee* with $10 optional side pool. Two matches guaranteed.
7 and 9-point matches in the Open Main. 5 point matches in the Consolation.

Bimonthly Intermediate: $25 entry fee*. Format based on number of entries.
Minimum two matches guaranteed.

Drawing for byes: 12:15pm. Entries close: 12:45pm.

*Both entry fees include non-transferable $10 food and/or drink credit.

For more information, contact Amy Trudeau by email, or call 773/218-9555.


Membership requires 10 or more wins in a row in BPC competition.
Byes & splits are "no action." Achievements are in chronological order.
14 or more wins are in red. + Denotes the streak is presently active.

12/29/15 Herb Roman 10
6/16/15 David Presser 11
4/12/15 Allen Tish 10
02/10/15 Adrian Rios 11
11/18/14 Jerry Brooks 10
10/28/14 Bill Davis 13
07/22/14 Craig Anderson 11
04/29/14 Tak Morioka 11
01/11/14 David Presser 12
01/11/14 Carter Mattig 10
11/26/13 Jerry Brooks 12
11/26/13 Leslie Lockett 10
10/16/13 Bill Bartholomay 11
06/25/13 Oleg Raygorodsky 11
01/02/13 David Rockwell 15
11/06/12 Rory Pascar 12
10/16/12 Dan Smith 10
06/19/12 Greg DeFotis 10
11/01/11 Bill Davis 10
08/02/11 Lucky Nelson 10
10/05/10 Howard Markowitz 11
11/03/09 Bill Davis 10
09/15/09 Matt Cohn-Geier 18
06/09/09 Herb Roman 10
03/03/09 Howard Markowitz 11
12/23/08 Carter Mattig 11
07/22/08 Lucky Nelson 14
07/01/08 Carter Mattig 11
05/20/08 Bill Davis 14
01/29/08 Nora Luna Righter 11
11/09/07 Gary Kay 10
09/04/07 David Rockwell 13
08/07/07 Alex Owen 11
08/15/06 Bill Davis 10
12/20/05 Herb Roman 12
02/15/05 Bill Davis 13
08/03/04 Linda Rockwell 10
12/30/03 Georgina Flanagan 10
12/02/03 Gary Kay 20
09/09/03 Gary Kay 17
02/18/03 Alice Kay 10
09/10/02 Bob Zavoral 11
08/20/02 Ed Buerger 12
05/14/02 Richard Lloyd 10
10/16/01 Tim Carroll 10
08/07/01 Tim Mabee 10
06/26/01 Tim Carroll 10
05/22/01 Jake Jacobs 12
04/03/01 Bob Zavoral 14
03/20/01 Bill Bartholomay 11
01/23/01 Bill Bartholomay 12
12/14/99 Don Jayhan 10
03/17/98 Tak Morioka 12
02/01/98 Steve Mellen 12
01/27/98 Laila Leonhardt 10
01/06/98 Phyllis Smolinski 10
05/06/97 Phil Simborg 12
01/07/97 Wendy Kaplan 10
12/23/96 Neil Kazaross 10
11/05/96 Andy Krenitz 12
08/11/96 Herb Roman 10
12/12/95 Neil Kazaross 11
09/19/95 Neil Kazaross 10
05/09/95 Harry Cohn 11
04/25/95 Frankie Farjood 11
04/05/94 Phil Simborg 11
02/08/94 Neil Kazaross 10
02/01/94 David Rubin 11